Values & Beliefs

Our values and beliefs as a school create a framework within which our educators work. We are inspired by the schools of Reggio-Emilia, Italy, where the strong image of the child and the rights of children as fellow citizens are paramount. We are in permanent evolution of advancing the quality of the ways we are with children. 

Children are competent and capable by nature and constructors of their own knowledge.

Children, families, and teachers are partners in the research of life, listening to one another and building a community that values the voice of the child.

Children have the right to a stimulating environment, rich in complexity and materials, to support inquiry and discovery.

Childhood is a time to think, explore, create and be joyful.

Trust and respect are fundamental and reciprocal between educators and children.

Relationships with others and the environment are essential to the development of identity, necessary for determining who we are and who we can be.

Learning is a process of individual and group construction.

We value a strong connection with the natural world.

Documentation of on-going work makes learning visible and encourages the processes of reflection, analysis, and interpretation between children and adults.

We embrace the tenets of the Reggio philosophy which shape our attitudes and actions.

We will wonder and generate possibilities with the child.

We value professional development as an opportunity to grow in our understanding of children and the processes of learning. 

An active attitude of listening supports dialogue and collaboration.

We are committed to opening our doors to others by creating opportunities for exchange and offering our work for discussion.

Project Infinity

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