Project Infinity

Project Infinity is a collaborative group of 5 schools in Atlanta and Greenville created as an initiative of Inspired Practices for Early Education, a non-profit founded by Dr. Margie Cooper. Since 2002 the schools in the project have supported each other in analyzing the experiences and philosophies of schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy to enhance early childhood experiences in the Project schools. The schools engage in professional exchange that supports the Reggio philosophy and work together to strengthen educators’ understanding of young children and the ways in which they build knowledge through relationships, a rich environment that encourages exploration, and educators who are dedicated to listening respectfully to the children.

The two main commitments made by schools in the Project are 1) a school-wide interest in analyzing the experiences and philosophies of Reggio Emilia and 2) a commitment to the well being of the other schools in the Project.

The support of Inspired Practices has offered opportunities for Project Infinity schools to have exchanges with Amelia Gambetti, International Liaison and Consultant to Schools, Reggio Emilia, Italy. The collaborative work within the Project has enabled sharing of ideas, openness to change, courage to go beyond the status-quo, and a strong support system among schools to work toward better early childhood education experiences.

Schools within the Project meet twice annually as a whole group for a professional development experience. Additionally, each school hosts two educator exchange days throughout the year that are attended by representatives from the other schools in the project. There is a steering committee comprised of representatives from each school that works to design professional development opportunities and discuss matters relative to work based on the Reggio philosophy.

Project Infinity

Project Infinity

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