About Us


First Baptist Day School is a place where each individual is respected and valued. Children, educators, and parents are welcomed into an environment where listening is an essential component of the learning process. Collaboration and participation define the context of the school.

Our physical environment is designed as a laboratory, rich in materials, tools, and resources, which serves as a catalyst for exploration and discovery. Our classrooms are places of research, with natural and recyclable materials gathered by children, families and educators from nature and local businesses. Outdoor areas are viewed as an extension of the classroom and inspire children to investigate their world. Relationships between children, children and adults, and children and the environment, promote an understanding of personal identity as well as a sense of belonging within the community. Organization of learning experiences creates a context for children to construct their own knowledge, initiate work, and become autonomous. Visibility of work in process, through documentation of these experiences, encourages a school culture of revisiting conversations, analyzing theories, interpreting thinking, and projecting future avenues of research. Children are active constructors of knowledge, frequently working in small groups. The school is a place of joy.